Digging out the surgery

Day #12 in Antarctica ·

Whilst the temperature has been climbing at Rothera, we’ve still got a lot of snow on station, with some impressive drifts next to the buildings.

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings digging out the surgery’s sole window to try and let some natural light in, now that we’ve got 24hr sunlight.

  • Snowed in flickr
    The surgery window initially had a distinct lack of sunlight.
  • A small snowdrift flickr
    The window you can see peeking out at the top right is the window one storey *above* the surgery.
  • After much digging... flickr
    The surgery window finally appears!
  • An evening's digging flickr
    That should have burnt off afternoon smoko's calories.
  • Looking out of the window flickr
    Natural light is once again visible (albeit up a long way!)