Orca Crevasse

Day #172 in Antarctica ·

We’ve had a run of poor weather over the last few weeks, but yesterday it finally cleared up for a spell. After brunch, five of us headed out to explore Orca Crevasse – around 6km off base.

Whilst it’s great to get some recreation, winter trips like this also serve as a training opportunity: it’s good to practice basic crevasse rescue techniques in a benign environment before doing it for real.

Update: A few more photos of the trip:

  • Setting anchors flickr
    Malcy poses inbetween setting anchors to abseil off.
  • Kitting up flickr
    Sabrina, Callum, and Gail getting ready with Orca in the background.
  • Crevasse hunting flickr
    Malcy goes hunting for the entrance to Orca Crevasse.
  • Abseil flickr
    Callum abseils a short pitch down to the crevasse entrance.
  • Into the crevasse flickr
    Malcy gives a last minute briefing before descending into the crevasse.
  • Sabrina in Orca Crevasse flickr
    Sabrina approaches the bottom of the crevasse.
  • Looking up flickr
    Sunlight filters down through the crevasse roof.
  • Icicles flickr
    Callum looks at the myriad of different ice formations in the crevasse.
  • Anchors flickr
    Our rope for getting in and out of the crevasse is secured by two ice screws, and backed up to a further anchor above.