Stork Traverse

Day #66 in Antarctica ·

Following on from some climbing on North Stork last month, Alex (one of the Field Assistants) led a weekend walk up along the Stork Traverse, a route that took us scrambling to the tops of North, Middle, and South Stork.

  • Alex flickr
    Alex gazes out towards Orca from the summit of North Stork.
  • Orca flickr
    Mount Orca stands proud with the Sheldon Glacier passing behind it on its way down to Ryder Bay.
  • Sheldon Glacier flickr
    The deep blues of the crevasses in the Sheldon Glacier are stunning when viewed from North Stork.
  • Startled Terns flickr
    Whilst at the summit, we startled a colony of Antarctic Terns who were nesting on the east-facing cliffs.
  • The Ridge of North Stork flickr
    Looking south-west along the ridge of North Stork from the cairn at its summit.

We started out with great weather, but then as often happens here, the weather closed in leaving us with <50m visibility for the second half - not much potential for photos on the way down!